Posted: Oct 19, 2019 / 01:33 PM CDTUpdated: Oct 19, 2019 / 01:33 PM CDT

A viral Facebook submit provides a behind the scenes have a look at a devoted labor and supply nurse who places in lengthy hours at work and seems to be emotional after a “particularly hard day” at work.

Laura Mcintyre, of Texas, posted a picture of her sister, Caty, sitting in a chair, rubbing her eyes.

“This pic is from a night back in july where she came to my house after a particularly hard day. she delivered a stillborn. have you guys ever really thought about what a labor & delivery nurse sees? they see great joy in smooth deliveries & healthy moms & babies. they see panic & anxiety when a new mom is scared. they see fear when a stat c-section is called. they see peace when the mom has support from her family – bc not all new moms do. they see teenagers giving birth. they see an addicted mom give birth to a baby who is withdrawing. they see cps come. they see funeral homes come. did you know that they have to make arrangements for the funeral home to come pick up the baby? i didn’t either.”

Laura Mcintyre

The submit reminds others to understand the lengthy hours nurses put in and the onerous work that nurses do each day.

“Caty just wrapped up her fourth shift in a row. that’s around 53+ hours in four days. that’s not including the 1.5 hours she’s in the car each day. she usually doesn’t get a chance to eat lunch or even drink much water. (& she has to dress like a blueberry.. i mean, come on). she is so good at what she does that she often forgets how to take care of herself while she’s taking care of her patients,” Mcintyre wrote on Facebook.

Mcintyre ends the submit thanking not solely her sister and however all nurses.

“Caty (& all other nurses) – you are SPECIAL. you bless your patients & their families more than you will ever know. thank you for all that you do. 💛✨”