Mumbai, May 23 (IANS): The trailer and poster of social movie ‘T’ was showcased at the India pavilion through the ongoing 75th Cannes Film Festival the place India is the ‘Country of Honour’. The movie highlights the issues and struggles of the transgender community and relies on the actual-life story of Meghna Sahoo, who grew to become India’s first transgender cab driver.

‘T’ additionally showcases her life’s journey, her marriage, and her struggles to assist every one of the transgender community, serving to them enhance their livelihood. The launch was graced by actor Inaam ul Haq, actor Rishi Bhutani, and actor-producer Jitendra Rai.

Speaking through the asset launch of his movie, director Jitesh Kumar Parida stated in a press release, “I am thrilled by the response our trailer and poster received at the most prestigious film festival. The film is very special as I feel stories like Meghna’s need to be told and should be known by all. She is an inspiration to her community and all of us. I hope we are able to do justice to the film. We are planning to release the film in theatres soon.”

The movie is shot in Odisha. Hailing from the state, Jitesh Kumar believes that Odisha is India’s worldwide vacation spot for filmmakers. He stated, “It was a dream come true for me. I have fulfilled the promise I made 3 years back at Cannes of making the film from my own land (Odisha) as it has huge potential for world cinema.”

The movie, which stars Dev, Usashi Misra, Hara Rath, Ranbeir Kalsi, and Prasanjit Mohapatra, has been produced by Jitesh Kumar Films & RR Motion Pictures (UK) Ltd and co-produced by Mohit Kumar Puri & Himadri Tanaya Das, with Thamrita Mohan Sambhuti, Soma Kiran Jena, Rajashree Mohapatra serving as affiliate producers.