Dilency Sales (AIR Bra Combo Stretchable Thick Belt Non-Padded Seamless for Women and Girls, Free-Size (Size 28 to 34)

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DILENCY-SALES Air Bra, Sports Bra, Stretchable Non-Padded and Non-Wired Seamless Bra for Women’s and Girls. This Air bra is as light as air and it targets all the trouble areas women want to fix especially embarrassing back fat and shapeless cups. Air Bra is a revolution in the world of undergarments and has been proven the best slimming and lifting bra till date. DAY & NIGHT WEAR:- You can even sleep in Slim N Lift Air Bra for proper support, day and night. NO HOOKS FRONT OR BACK:- Silky soft material stretches to fit. No more unsightly budge. Completely seamless. Smooth line-free appearance. PERFECTLY FIT:- Wide straps fit perfectly and never slip off.FEATURES: Premium Quality, Wireless : Seamless : Non-Padded, Free Size (28 to 34)
This Seamless Air Bra has especially been designed to give you the required support and comfort, freeing you from the endless pain of slipping straps
This bra is provided with a fine mesh at the inner bust edge, and this improves air flow thereby providing you a lot of comfort
It is very comfortable to Touch and Wear. Designed to make a women look more young and ravishing.
No wires, clips, hooks or straps to adjust, curve-hugging seamless design

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