Bold N Elegant Comfortable Maternity wear Plus Size Clothing Pregnancy Belly Pants Leggings with Adjustable Elastic Waist

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Pregnancy is a big change in every woman’s life. Cravings, Cramps and Emotional fluctuation; and above all, drastic change in your appearance leading to natural wardrobe challenges. Bold N Elegant wants to connect a “Style cord” with all Moms-to-be and accomplish their innate desire to be dressed beautifully. Bold N Elegant represents today’s woman, who looks to create a perfect balance between work and home. Bold N Elegant comprises of meticulously designed and rigorously fit-tested maternity clothes that can be worn both during and after pregnancy helping create a look as individual as the woman who wears them. These clothes are made from breathable, stretchable fabrics that will grow with you throughout the nine months of your pregnancy.The materials used are soft cottons and versatile lycra which allow for extra space for the growing belly
Stretchable & seamless, extended pouch panel for belly coverup and support. The extended pouch makes it easy to wear during the pregnancy and then roll it down for life after the bump.
An adjustable elastic at back waistband helps adjusting your size and fits with your bump. So as your baby grows you can continue to adjust the size, it can be used from the beginning of your pregnancy and forever.
Pair it with “Bold N Elegant” maternity / nursing t-shirts for added comfort and style
Size: Length: 93cm, Crotch: 33cm, Waist: 88-106cm, Hip: 104cm, Thigh: 56cm

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